Check in Get points

1. Each user can check-in once a day.

2. The activity period of continuous check-in is 3 days. Get awarded for continuous check-in every day. Get points on day 1 to day 2, and get the Rewards on day 3.

3. Continuous check-in will restart if you miss your check-in during the 3 days.

4. Points can redeem coupons. For more details, please check your Account Center.

You can get points in this way

2 Points

-Like a Review

5 Points

-Write Comment for Reviews/Posts

-Write Text Review for products

-Share a Post

-Share a Review with Pictures

-Share a Review without Pictures

-Share Products

-Complete your Group buy

-Share your Group buy

10 Points

-Write Review with Pictures for products

-Write Community Post with Pictures

-Complete Order

-Continuous check-in in 1/2/4/5/6 days

20 Points

-Pay the First Order Every Day

50 Points

-New Registered User

-New User Completes Payment on the First Order

-Continuous check-in 3 days