Term of BUY NOW

This term is for BUY NOW, released on 2023.9.27, apply to the BUY NOW. You agree Terms of BUY NOW by using our website. You may not agree with these terms and you can opt out by choosing not to use this service on the website or give out your suggestions. You are also subject to the Terms of Use which, inter alia, is applicable. This term prevails if contradicts the Terms of Use as set forth in 3.11 SPECIFIC TERMS.

NOTICE OF ARBITRATION PROVISIONS: Your use of the BUY NOW is subject to 11 DISPUTE RESOLUTION. The arbitration provision of any disputes arising from is on an individual basis rather than a class action, as provided in the Terms of Use, which also means you waive your right to participate in any class action.

1.Recent Order refers to the latest order you have made and completed a successful payment, but not to be processed or shipped yet.

2. Item(s) is/are the specific item(s) listed in the Recommend section at our website for you to add in.

3. BUY NOW provides you an opportunity to freely and swiftly add the desirable item(s) to the Recent Order. You may enjoy a free shipping benefit on your Item(s) to be merged into Recent Order. The shipping fees for newly added Item(s) are substantially exempted.

4. The payment method of newly added Item(s) is set as the same as you purchase for the Recent Order unless failure of payment occurs.

5. By clicking BUY NOW you agree to add the Item(s) to the Recent Order and to be charged the total amount of the price of Item(s) . The customs (whereas applicable) are not included and need to be paid by you exclusively.

6. The payment for BUY NOW is now supported by a online payment eg. credit card, debit card, and PayPal etc.

7. We only offer the service of adding and paying for Item(s) to the Recent Order for just one SKU each time. However, each SKU can be purchased in multiple units at a time. If you need to purchase Item(s) with a different SKU, you will need to complete the BUY NOW purchase process separately for each Item with a different SKU. We do not limit the number of additional orders before the Recent Order is shipped.

8. Any newly added Item(s) to the Recent Order is workable only on the grounds of the same delivery address provided on the Recent Order. Modification of delivery address under your newly added Item(s) will modify your Recent Order address correspondingly.

9. Cancellation of the Recent Order will deprive your right to have any Item(s) added to your Recent Order automatically unless you place another Recent Order to acquire another right to add new Item(s).

10. Coupons cannot be used for any Item(s) you add to the Recent Order under BUY NOW.

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