How do I close/delete my account?


We regret to hear that you are considering closing your account on our shopping website. We genuinely appreciate your support and regret any inconvenience you may have experienced. 

The deletion request can be accomplished via the following methods, please have a try.

1. Via the link:

Close your account by clicking this link : (mobile browser recommended)

2. Via the APP

To close your account via the app, please go to the "Account" page, then click on "Settings"  -> "My Account" -> "Delete Account".



3. Via the email

If the aforementioned options do not meet your needs, we kindly suggest that you contact us through the following one to address your concerns.

By using the same email address that you registered the account to email  with following information:

1. The account you want to delete, on which merchant.

2. Order ID and the product name in your latest order.

3. If no order, please tell us your registration date.


We kindly request your attention to the fact that the information we are requesting is essential in order for us to provide you with effective assistance. Please understand that providing us with the above mandatory information will greatly aid us in addressing your concerns efficiently.


[Warm Reminder]

Please kindly note that the Account will NOT BE RECOVERABLE once deleted. After the deletion is processed, all data in your account will be deleted. Therefore, before deleting your account, please understand the following:

1. You will lose all your data in your account and will be unable to place an order or use rewards/coupons under this account, please confirm there is no after-service issue or credit with us.

2.You'll be unable to check orders or contact customer service after the deletion.


The officer will reply to your email within 1-5 business days

We genuinely apologize for any dissatisfaction you may have experienced and sincerely hope that you will reconsider your decision to close your account. We remain committed to serving you and ensuring your satisfaction as a valued customer.



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