Why I can't find my order in my account?

The possible reason that you are unable to see the order in your account has been detected as following:

1.Incorrect user account as logged

There are several ways to order from the LITB store. In other words, it is critical to identify the correct user account in order to locate the order number accordingly.

*Can you receive order notification email?
If so, the email address is your login account

*Is it possible that you paid the order directly via PayPal without registration?
If so, your PayPal account is the login account
You can click "Forgot password" to get a new one, or you can search in your email inbox to find out the previous password.

*Did you use Facebook/Google/Mobile Phone to login before?
If so, the social account is your login account. You can use the same way to login and you will find your order in the account.

2.Incorrect Merchant Channel as logged

Make sure whether you have placed the order on LightInTheBox.com or MiniInThebox.com. You had better look up the order related email notifications to make it right.

3.User account logged via mobile browser

You want to check status of your paid order as logged via mobile browser, but it is nowhere to be found. As suggested, for more details about orders or shipping, download our App to check all your orders.

Please go visit our website by logging in with your COMPUTER (www.lightinthebox.com) or download the LightInTheBox APP via your phone. Once you login, you will be able to check order status.

If you tried the above solutions but all failed, please click "Need Help" to contact Customer support team.

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