Why I haven't received order confirmation email?

When the order confirmation email will be sent?

You will be charged for your order when your payment status is changed to "Payment received" (for further information about order status, click [Here]). We will then confirm your payment and begin processing your order right away. In some cases, PayPal and credit/debit card payments may take up to 24 hours to be confirmed. We will notify you that we have received the payment by providing the email entitled, "Payment Confirmation for Order#_______ with LightInTheBox.com".

If you haven't received an order confirmation email, it is likely the result of one or two things:

1. Your payment hasn’t been received yet

The time it takes to process your payment depends on the payment method you have used. It can also vary by bank and country. Please check your transaction records to confirm whether the payment has been charged successfully.

Timeline to Receive Payment Estimates:

2. Your payment is under payment reviewing

To ensure payment safety, there will be a payment verification process which normally takes no longer than 24 hours. Please wait patiently and check the status of your order later. If there is further information required from you, we will keep you informed.

We suggest that you may wait at least 24 hours to receive the order confirmation email. Alternatively, you can visit "My Orders" page to check the status of your orders.

3. You have entered an incorrect email address with your order

If you have been charged but haven’t received an email confirmation after 24 hours, please check the email address that you have registered with us whether it is the correct email address. In case it was wrote incorrectly, please refer to “How to change my account/email address” for further help.

4. Your confirmation email was blocked or filtered

It happens that legitimate emails are being blocked or moved to the Junk folder. So please, don't forget to check also your junk or spam folder to ensure that your email provider hasn’t misfiled the email.

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